Friday, August 26, 2016

Fantabulous Fridays: What Would You Like To Do? By Queen Diva

What would you like to do? With your Life? Your Day? Your Next Hour? LOL! What would you like to do? I would love to perform at Lincoln Center! That has been a dream of mine since college! I remember when I was attending Prairie View A&M University and the University Choir was on tour to NYC! We stopped at Lincoln Center and we went to the Metropolitan Opera Store! I remember buying a Madame Butterfly poster and sheet music for my professor Dr. Ruby N. Hebert for "The Telephone!" I never got to perform that opera but I do remember practicing briefly with Dr. Hebert and her getting so frustrated with me because I didn't take learning it seriously and we stopped working on it! Wow! Its amazing what you remember from over 20 years ago! I studied Classical Music at Prairie View A&M University and was classified as a Coloratura Soprano! I could hit high notes effortlessly and really had no clue the talent that I had back then. I haven't sung a Classical note in 25 years but deep down inside I would love to perform at Lincoln Center.

What would you like to do? Share with me below! You never know how life will open up to for you to be able to fulfill your deepest and dearest desire!

Just like a diamond you shine resplendently! Keep Diva's Diamonds close to your heart and know that you are already FLAWLESS!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday: Life Is Good By Queen Diva

Life is Good!
It really is good! Even when you don't feel like its good it is! LOL! Why you may ask because you are alive and among the land of the living! Many people did not wake up today. There are many people who are not able to walk or talk or laugh or cry. If you are able to do those things on your own especially you would know that Life is Good! I am so thankful today! Thursdays are my favorite days of the week! It is a day for me to give thanks to God publicly! I thank God every day for my life, health and strength! For my sanity and the love and peace in my heart and life! Its just really nice to be able to share with the world what I am thankful for every week!

Today I am thankful for life being GOOD! Why is it GOOD? It just is! LOL! I have no complaints. Although I am sure if I really thought about it I could complain but why? It doesn't change the situation and it is not positive or helpful. So why not be peaceful and positive instead! I would love to be richer, travel the world or laying on a beach in Greece sipping on a cool fruity drink! LOL!

But I am really blessed in thinking right here in Harlem, NYC that Life is GOOD! I believe because I choose to be a peace today! I choose to love right where I am in my progression towards my ultimate success in the music industry as well as in ministry. I have been faithful for many years helping and mentoring others and now I am waiting patiently for my time to fly and blossom into destiny! I feel it is time and so now I wait with great expectation and excitement! My time is next and in the meantime I say, "Life is GOOD!"

Just like a diamond you shine resplendently! Keep Diva's Diamonds close to your heart and know that you are already FLAWLESS!

Love, Laughter & Light,
Queen Diva

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesdays In The Word: Just Keep Singing by Queen Diva

Wednesdays In The Word:
Just Keep Singing... Ezekiel 1:12 And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went.

Last night I performed at a venue in the Bronx to promote my "Strength of a Woman: A Phyllis Hyman Tribute" with a band I never practiced prior to my performance. I did go back and forth with the promoter, the band leader via the promoter for a month prior to last night's performance. But sometimes even when you try to plan ahead life happens. The band leader, who is a bass player, and the keyboardist both had another gig that paid more so they were not in attendance. So the show much go on, right?

And the show did go on but the substitute keyboardist didn't know all of my songs and gave me an excuse that he had the flu and wasn't feeling well. (Rule #1 Any time a musician gives you a sick excuse they do not play well and is forewarning you what is about to happen.) I still pressed on and low and behold the keyboardist froze and totally did not know how to lead the band to transition from song to song. The entire band was looking at the keyboardist to guide them but he froze and looked lost. Needless to say I had to "Just Keep Singing!" I specifically told the keyboardist I am only singing verse and chorus to two songs and the last song I am singing the entire song. Instead of just playing the verse and chorus of each song and transition to the next he just kept playing the songs. I had to "Just Keep Singing" to get to the next song I would start the next song until they came in.

Well, last night was one of my Top Two Most Disastrous Musical experiences of my life. I was told that I sang well and the many audience members as well as the promoter came up to me to console me. But I learn a value lesson to "Just Keep Singing!" No matter what is happening with the band, the background singers, the audience and even my discouraged heart I had to "Just Keep Singing."

                                 Photo by Michael Katlow Cox at Vaughn Harper's First Friday's MIST Harlem 2014

I finished my set, thanked everyone and quickly walked off the stage. What was very interesting was the host of the show asked me to come back to the stage to speak LIFE into me by saying, "If you believe in your heart that you will make it to Broadway then you need to SPEAK LIFE into existence." She pointed to my heart and with a very stern yet loving way spoke to me to reaffirm that I "Just Keep Singing!"

Press on towards the mark! God sees your efforts, trials and tribulations! Every single experience is to make you stronger, wiser, seasoned and experienced! Ezekiel 1:12 And each went straight forward; wherever the spirit was about to go, they would go, without turning as they went.

I learned that it is very important to "Just Keep Singing" and be confident in your gift and performance no matter what happens around me. I had to remain professional and finish no matter what.

Whatever you are going through and disappointments that happen you way..."Just Keep Singing!"

Peace & Blessings,
Queen Diva

Friday, August 19, 2016

Fantabulous Fridays: What Are You Doing This Weekend? By Queen Diva

Fantabulous Fridays:
What are you doing this weekend? I hope that you will be enjoying these wonderful HOT summer days and nights! LOL! I know I have been pretty busy attending model castings, live performances, church functions and just being still at home watching HGTV and the Food Network! LOL! I highly recommend that you get outside and enjoy your hometown. Make a "staycation" this weekend and visit your town/city's landmarks or parks! Every town/city has something that is uniquely special only exists in their area. In New York City its the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Times Square, Lincoln Center, Apollo Theater and Wall Street. Have I been to any of these places? Uhhh! LOL! Yes, I have been to 5 of the 7 places that I have listed.

How about you? What are some landmarks that are uniquely known in your town/city? Can you name them? Have you been there? LOL! You would be surprised how much fun you would have exploring your hometown and with family and/or friends.

There is always something fun to do! You may think that your small town/city is boring or there is never anything going on but if you checked your hometown website and looked for the monthly Calendar of Events you would be pleasantly surprised. If your town or city doesn't have a website or any activities then it is up to you to make your FUN! LOL! I am serious you can have a water balloon party with food, water balloons, party favors that are beach oriented themed! LOL! Or a movie night just by putting up a big sheet against your backyard fence and project a fun or silly movie and invite the neighborhood kids and sell popcorn and candy for $1 or $2! LOL! Or whatever! The point is to make your own fun and have a FANTABULOUS time doing it!

What are you doing this weekend? Post below and share with me what your plans are? I would love to know!

Just like a diamond you shine resplendently! Keep Diva's Diamonds close to your heart and know that you are already FLAWLESS!

Love, Laughter & Light,
Queen Diva

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thankful Thursdays: New Connections by Queen Diva

New Connections...I am finding out how important it is to meet and have new connections! We may become stagnant and feel stuck when we are around the same people who are doing the same thing but not necessarily moving forward.It's unfortunate that most are just maintaining their current situation. I am totally about growth! I truly want to always strive to learn new things, meet new people, go to different places, try new foods, listen music and go to events that I normally would not ever do! LOL!

Thankfulness pleases God! I am so very thankful for my new connections in the last several weeks. I like the idea of learning from someone I don't know and slowly but surely getting to know them and their successes. It is so important to GROW! If you are not growing then you are basically DEAD! I know that may sound harsh but it really is true. All living things grow when alive. As soon as there is no sign of life death is the ultimate destination. So if you are not actively seeking NEW CONNECTIONS in your life whether it be for business, travel, career, family, church or social you are basically not LIVING!

I challenge you all to find NEW CONNECTIONS! Go out or online or on the job or wherever and seek to meet someone new. If you are shy then you have to come out of your shyness! You don't have time to be shy! LOL! You miss on our meeting amazing people and amazing people meeting you! So just go to a mixer or a networking party or a church function or your job's office party or whatever!! Get some business cards that merely have your name, email and social media that you want them to follow you on. That's it! Nothing complex here! LOL! Then go and introduce yourself, "Hi, My name is Queen and I am a Motivational Lifestyle Blogger, Author and Fashion/Beauty Professional here in NYC! What do you do?" Then just keep asking questions and exchange information about you! The longest you should stay at a mixer/networking party is 45 minutes! That's long enough to scope the room grab a beverage and/or snack, hand out some business cards and received them as well.

Be thankful in all things, P.I.N.K. Diamonds! Today I am very thankful for NEW CONNECTIONS!

Just like a diamond you shine resplendently! Keep Diva's Diamonds close to your heart and know that you are already FLAWLESS!

Love, Laughter & Light,
Queen Diva

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wednesdays In The Word: Where Is Your Faith? By Queen Diva

Matthew 8:26 KJV
And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.

Where Is Your Faith?
I was just thinking about many things I have asked God for and wondering how come two things in particular has not come to pass? These two things I have been waiting on for at least two decades and I am like, "Lord, When are these two things going to happen for me?" I have been praying and praying and then the Lord softly whispered in my spirit, "Where is your Faith?"

I am like ...Huh? I have been praying, fasting, reading the Holy Bible and seeking the Kingdom of God first as you have asked of me and yet the two things that I have asked for over and over has not come to pass. Again, the Lord said, "Where is your Faith?" I realized that I had to remember my timing is not God's timing and somethings in life are worth waiting for. The two things that I have asked for does take time and preparation as well as maturity both spiritually and emotionally. I have to say that I have grown tremendously in the last 20 years and I am more prepared now than I was 20 years ago. So now it a matter of divine timing! 

Where Is Your Faith? Just because things do not look like God has answered your prayer doesn't mean it was not answered. Just because you want something right NOW doesn't mean it is for you to have right away. And just because you think you should have it doesn't mean it is yours when you want it. The 12 Disciples did not believe they were safe in the boat that started to rock and shake when a storm came up while Jesus was sleeping. They didn't trust that everything would be alright instead they panicked and woke Jesus up! Jesus woke up and said, "Why are you fearful, Oh you of little faith?"

Circumstances do not dictate what God will do. Remember God is in control of ALL things. The best thing we can do is not allow fear to control our minds and think something is not going to happen when we are in God's will and His promises are Yes and Amen if you are living according to the Holy Bible. Living righteously has it's rewards. It may not seem like it when you look around and see others doing evil deeds and succeeding. But all of those things shall pass away.

Stay faithful, purposeful and expectant! I am learning that as well.

Where Is Your Faith? Only you know where it is located and it is up to you to stay prayerful in maturing spiritually to where you do not doubt God, but instead thank Him in advance and wait for it to come to pass in due season.

Peace & Blessings,
Queen Diva

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Queen Diva on 42nd Street & Times Square 
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